1. Login on Solution Manager Productive client
  2. Start transaction slg2
  3. Select: "and logs which can be deleted before the expire date" (under Expiry date)
  4. Specify as value for the "Object" field (under Selection conditions): *
    N.B.: Do remind to use value exclusions in case for example CDMC is in place (See end of SAP note 1316694)
  5. Select: "Delete immediately" (under Options)
  6. Create a variant to delete logs in last month timeframe, by using menu: Goto -> Variants -> Save as variants
    1. Provide Variant name and description
    2. Under "Creation Date:to",
      in column "Selection variable" use: D (Dynamic Date calculation)
      in column "Name of Variable" use: Current date +/- ??? days
      specify: -30 (days)
  7. Press Save
  8. Schedule the job using menu: Program -> Execute in background.
    N.B.: Provide as output device: LP01
  9. Press "Immediate"
  10. Mark the checkbox "Periodic job" (at the bottom)
  11. Press "Period values" and select for example "Monthly"
  12. Save

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