Repairing installations with missing signature

1. Find the original SAR archive for the SAP HANA Server component, which was used for the system installation or update. It must match the revision of the SAP HANA Database

2. Extract the .SAR archive to a temporary location (unpack the archive in to the extraction directory, passing the option -manifest SIGNATURE.SMF to SAPCAR)

3. Go to this temporary directory. Inside you should find:

    • file SIGNATURE.SMF
    • directory SAP_HANA_DATABASE

4. Copy the SIGNATURE.SMF file to:

    • /<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/install/bin/SIGNATURE.SMF

5. Adjust file permissions and ownership:

    • chmod 644 /<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • chown <sid>adm:sapsys /<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • chmod 644 /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • chown <sid>adm:sapsys /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • chmod 644 /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/install/bin/SIGNATURE.SMF
    • chown root:root /<sapmnt>/<SID>/global/hdb/install/bin/SIGNATURE.SMF

6. Execute as root the following command on all hosts of the system: /<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/hdblcm --action=update_host --components_registration=none

7. Remove the not needed contents of the extracted .SAR archive from the temporary directory

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